Sunday, 8 June 2014

negative seo expired domains!

Spammers over on the blackhatworld forum are telling people to buy expired domains every chance that they have.... YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER MORONS! Stop saturating the market and pushing prices up for expired domains... now to get a decent expired domain you have to bid huge amounts and are way out of my price range now even for a domain which aint even that good. I have had to pull out of dozens of expired domain auctions because these morons are bidding way to much.... I have now decided I will get my revenge on these annoying black hats.. how? Well I will contact the websites linking to the expired domains I lose and tell them that they are linking to a dead site.. aswell as blasting the expired domain and the sites it links to with millions of spam link this will mean that the this domain becomes useless and of course spammy and the bidder who beat me will have wasted their money! HA! Well all I can say is that you shouldn't have beaten me at auction.

They really are stupid morons over on the blackhatworld forum.. I really dont get them.. why on earth do they insist on relentlessly telling random people about different seo methods.. wrecking it for everyone! Google monitors those forums as well... even matt cutts has said so!

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